We're there for them.

Helping animals have happy lives and homes is our priority! Your animal family is in good hands.

Bun and Breakfast Rabbit Boarding and Petsitting

We are very rabbit-savvy and would love to have your bunnies as guests in our home! Check out details on what we provide for your rabbits while you are away.

Petsitting Service and Rates

We personally know how important it is to have our animal friends in good hands and provide reasonable petsitting rates to make this affordable. We offer in-your-home petsitting, home care, dog walking, and specialize in medical needs and animals who just need some extra special care.

Photo Gallery

Who doesn't like cute pictures of animals? Check out some of our animal friends!

Who We Are

Heather and Paul have been rescuing, fostering, petsitting, boarding, and caring for all types of animals for decades - it's our passion.

"This is the first time we've been off on vacation where we've come home and he was as well off or better than he was before. We thank you ten thousand times!

Bill S. and his delightful dog, Axel

We always refer to Heather and Paul’s house as my bunnies’ second home or their “sleep over camp”. Their bunnies and cat are the “cousins”.

– Lisa I.

I love knowing she’s coming by twice a day, checking on the house just as much as the kitties! I joke with her and tell her that she takes better care of my cats that I do.

Willa T.